All natural Magnesium (Cell mg) products to provide instant relief of aches & pain, stress, soreness. Helps with arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, pregnancy, blood pressure, cholesterol, heart attacks, strokes, bones, nerve, brain and muscle functions.

We perform holistic assessments, therapies and treatments. We also manufacture and distribute natural source topically-applied cellular magnesium products...Explore the benefits of Subtle Energy Therapy in person or at a distance...Subtle Energy trade show & presentation eventsSubtle Energy Therapy is a holistic clinic based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada...Subtle Energy Therapy Website Links...  


Subtle Energy Therapy (o/a Subtle Energy Technologies) is a holistic wellness centre based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

We perform holistic assessments, therapies and treatments using quantum energy technology & physics.

We manufacture and globally distribute natural source transdermal (applied through the skin) cellular magnesium products under the Cell Mg Label.

“We go to considerable lengths to ensure outstanding service to all our valued clients worldwide at cost effective rates. Our results-oriented philosophy is a reflection of the large amounts of return and referral business (almost 95%) we humbly receive.

We offer excellent customer support and consistently achieve our deadlines on work being done for our clients, as well as, our targets for quality, production and delivery deadlines.

“We believe that good business relations are built on trust, transparency, honesty, integrity, sharing and hard work.”

Make the decision today to move forward with our holistic technology and finest producer of genuine transdermal cellular magnesium and water purification drops.

Warm thoughts & a Smile!

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Denis & Leta Korski
Robert & Roxsane Tayler

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